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Sudachi Ponzu

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Normally a Ponzu is 50% citrus juice and 50% soy sauce.

To make your fresh Sudachi Ponzu :

If you use 30 to 40% of fresh Sudachi juice it makes an acidic, very fragrant Ponzu. 20% is a minimum.

We add a soy sauce (made from soybeans and wheat, brewed in wooden barrels) that is most often a little sweet and not too salty.

You can optionally up it with 10% of a sweetening supplement like mushroom broth or seaweed broth.

Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, hot and humid places, its best to store it in the refrigerator (5°C). Shake before use. Consume it quickly.

This sauce is ideal for raw vegetables and summer grills, vegetables, meat and fish. It is a good replacement for vinegar in a vinaigrette.

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