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Kumquat essential oil

Our Kumquat essential oil is extracted from hand-harvested fruits at optimal maturity from our certified Global Gap trees. Our clear, low viscosity oil is exclusively made from nagami kumquats, which have a bright, crisp fragrance with subtle sweetness and tartness, making it versatile in various applications.

When considering the quality and specificity of our Kumquat essential oil, it's essential to know the variety or cultivar used. The marumi (round), nagami (oval), and meiwa (late harvest) cultivars, along with wild varieties, all have different E.O. profiles influenced by their maturity and antioxidant potential.


We offer made-to-order E.O. extracted from green kumquats (harvested in November) with a pungent scent and low limonene. Kumquat essential oil is versatile, boosting mood and promoting positive feelings. Contact us to learn more about our Kumquat E.O. and extracts.


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