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kumquat marumi


(Citrus fortunella)


There are many different varieties of kumquat so it is important to know what cultivar was used to make an essential oil.  Cultivated kumquats (round marumi, oval nagami and late meiwa) are genetically related, yet each essential oil is different. They also change significantly with maturity, impacting their antioxidant content. 


We extract from ripe nagami kumquats and we can extract from green fruit on request. 

Kumquat essential oil is typical of citrus oils and very versatile. It has a cheerful and stimulating presence.



Add them to salads: Slice kumquats thinly and toss them into green salads or fruit salads. Their bright flavor adds a zesty twist to the mix. Infuse beverages: Add sliced kumquats to water, iced tea, or cocktails for a burst of citrus flavor. They can also be muddled and used in various drink recipes to add a refreshing twist. Use in marinades and sauces: Kumquats can be pureed or juiced to create tangy marinades or sauces for meats, poultry, or seafood. The combination of their tartness and sweetness can enhance the flavors of your dishes.


Fruit available January to March.


kumquats on a tree branch
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