Citrus on tree

Our extraction method

The quality of citrus essential oils is determined by the extraction technique and the freshness and quality of the raw materials. Our essential oils are only extracted on site,  where we manually harvest fresh leaves, flowers and fruit one by one directly from our own trees.
Our citrus fruit are grafted on Poncirus trifoliata. This rootstock is little used in field crops nowadays because it grows quite slowly. But we chose it especially because it improves the quality of the fruit. This choice also makes it possible to prevent diseases due to phytopathogenic fungi  so we can avoid polluting treatments such as copper or sulfur.


The soil in our citrus groves is covered with a mineral mulch, which reduces water consumption by 75% and helps tropical plants through the Mediterranean winter by keeping the soil warm. Healthy trees are more resistant to pathogens. We prevent insect damage to fruit and leaves by manually pruning each tree to let light and air into the interior. We also use a physical barrier to protect each individual fruit from insect or sun damage with natural paper or specially made Japanese bags placed over each individual fruit. These 2 strategies of pruning and physical protection represent an important investment in time and a limited production but results in zero pesticides and the highest quality.

We have chosen to use the Solvent Free Microwave Extraction (SFME) method which produces an essential oil true to that naturally present in the plant. It is an advanced, innovative and ecologically sustainable technology: economical in water and energy, it generates no non-compostable waste, and does not use any chemical solvents. Solvent Free Microwave Extraction (SFME) is a recent method of extraction pateneded in 2004. It is an original combination of selective heating and distillation at atmospheric pressure. 


The quality of any citrus essential oil is determined by the freshness of the fruit, leaves or flowers that are used. We dedicate so much time and passion to growing citrus that we also pay very close attention to every stage of extraction.

All our ingredients are hand picked and selected at their optimum maturity. Our essential oils are extracted exclusively at the harvest site and without delay from our own trees. From trees to extraction at the exact maturity conditions without delay and from our own trees using our eco-responsible extraction technique. 

The SFME method presents a reduced environmental burden as it rejects less co2 into the atmosphere; 200g CO2 per gram of essential oil compared to traditional methods, which reject 3600g CO2 per gram of essential oil. (Ferhat et al.  2006,07; Luchesib et al., 2004a 2004b)