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Citrus on tree

Our growing method

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality citrus essential oils, which are carefully crafted using only the freshest raw materials and advanced extraction techniques. Our expert team manually harvests leaves, flowers, and fruit directly from our own trees, ensuring unequalled freshness and quality.

All our trees are grafted on Poncirus Trifoliata  which enhances the flavor and aroma of the fruit. This choice of rootstock also protects them from cryptogamic diseases so that we don't need to treat the trees with harmful chemicals that can negatively impact the environment. 

We are committed to producing excellent citrus while minimizing our environmental impact. That's why we utilize a mineral mulch in our citrus groves to reduce water consumption by up to 75% and keep soil warm during the Mediterranean winter. This, in turn, promotes healthy tree growth and improves resistance to harmful pathogens.

We manually prune each tree to allow for optimal light and air circulation. This helps prevent insect damage to fruit and leaves while also promoting healthy growth. In addition, we use natural paper or specially made Japanese bags to provide a physical barrier that protects each individual fruit from insects and sun damage. 

These pruning and protection techniques require a significant investment of time and considerable expertise and like our extraction method are sustainable choices that prioritize the highest quality.

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Our extraction method

We use the most advanced and ecologically sustainable technology to produce the highest quality essential oils. That's why we've chosen the Solvent Free targeted Micro-fracturing Extraction (SFME) method, which is an innovative and patented technology that's both economically and environmentally friendly.


SFME is a recent extraction method that combines selective heating and distillation at atmospheric pressure, producing essential oils that are true to the natural composition of the plant. Unlike traditional extraction methods, SFME is solvent-free and generates only compostable waste, making it an ideal choice for sustainable production.

This advanced technology also requires less water and energy, further reducing our environmental impact.

We take great pride in the quality of our essential oils. Our devotion to growing the finest citrus means we put meticulous care into every step of the extraction process as well.

We only select the freshest and ripest fruit, leaves, and flowers for our essential oils. Each ingredient is handpicked and inspected to ensure optimal maturity. We then use our eco-responsible extraction technique, which takes place on-site and without delay, to capture the very essence of the plant.

Our sustainable choices give priority to the highest eco-responsible quality. Every drop of our citrus essential oil is bursting with the full, natural flavor and aroma of the original. Experience the difference of our fresh, hand-picked ingredients and expert extraction process.

Our commitment to sustainability includes using the most eco-responsible method of extraction. The Solvent Free Micro- fracturing Extraction (SFME) method  has a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional extraction methods. The SFME method emits only 200g CO2 per gram of essential oil, compared to the 3600g CO2 emitted by traditional methods. (Ferhat et al., 2006,07; Luchesib et al., 2004a, 2004b) By choosing our essential oils, you are not only supporting your own wellbeing but also helping to protect our planet.

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