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Immerse yourself in the clean, pure, and unadulterated freshness that defines our Kaffir lime essential oil. It boasts a distinct absence of bitterness while exuding a tart savagery that adds a delightful twist to its character. The aromatic and warm scent carries a spice note reminiscent of root ginger, creating a truly enchanting fragrance that ignites the senses.


Prepare to be captivated by the complexity of this extraordinary essential oil. Lively and crisp green notes dance on your palate, evoking the sensation of rubbing fresh greenery through your fingers. Its aldehydic fizz sparks joy and transports you to a world of hesperidic bliss.



The unmistakable appearance of Kaffir lime fruit, with its distinctively wrinkled peel and unique bumpy texture, is a visual delight. The vibrant green hue serves as a testament to its exceptional freshness and superior quality. 


Cooked or raw, this remarkable fruit brings a unique taste reminiscent of lemongrass and ginger. Originally hailing from southeast Asia, including countries like India, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia, Kaffir lime has recently gained popularity in moderate climates for its vibrant flavors. It shines as a main or secondary condiment in a variety of dishes, such as rougail, curry, spicy sauces, sambal, and chili.


Its delightful tang is indispensable in soups like Thai chicken prawn soup, and it pairs well with ingredients like mangoes, edamame, and bananas. Infuse your dishes with its essence by flavoring salt or olive oil. 


Fruit available August to November.

Kaffir Lime essential oil (Citrus hystrix)

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