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Banpeiyu, a specialty of Yatsushiro in Kumamoto, is an exceptionally large pomelo (C. maxima) known for its origins in Malaysia and its popularity in Taiwan as "Pai yau." Its zest offers a distinct aroma with a noticeable touch of bitterness. Despite its low essential oil (EO) yield at 0.6%, Banpeiyu stands out for its remarkable fragrance.


What sets this EO apart is its high myrcene content, ranging from 35% to 40%, and its comparatively lower limonene levels. This creates an extraordinary scent profile where the enduring note of anise blends harmoniously with the citrus undertones, reminiscent of the charm found in the southern regions of Japan.


We focus on extracting essential oils from Japanese pomelos to harness this remarkable fragrance. While Hirado buntan and Mato Buntan fall within the same myrcene range, they exhibit a richer presence of limonene. These fruits boast minimal y-terpinene and terpinolene, with no discernible lemony notes. Additionally, Banpeiyu is abundant in β-cubeben, which imparts a fresh top note reminiscent of the Java pepper, Piper cubena.

These essential oils present a distinct departure from those derived from South Asian pomelos, providing a unique olfactory experience.




We are delighted to offer fresh Banpeiyu fruits for individual purchase at the beginning of the year. Simply reach out to us, and we will select one of these magnificent fruits for you to savor. 


Available December to January.


Pomelo Bampeiyu (Citrus maxima)

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