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In the realm of citrus fruits, the Pursha lime stands out as a truly exceptional variety. Renowned botanist Gallesio classified it as one of the esteemed "Indian citrus fruits." This ancient fruit has held its status since the 17th century, with experts lauding its delectable combination of sourness and sweetness, as eloquently described by Paolo Galeotti.


The Pursha lime's origins can be traced to a fascinating intermingling of the Rangpur lime, originating from northern Bangladesh (Citrus x limonia Osbeck), and the Shikwasa mandarin (Citrus x depressa) found in Okinawa and Taiwan. What makes this fruit truly intriguing is its flavor profile, which exhibits a remarkable range throughout the year. From being intensely tart to pleasantly sweet, it possesses the vivacity of a mandarin with a unique spicy and refreshing twist.  Our Pursha lime essential oil captures the vibrant essence of the fruit and is renowned for its captivating aroma.


Extracted whilst the fruit is turning yellow, Pursha lime essential oil embodies the distinct qualities of the fruit. It possesses a bright and refreshing fragrance that exudes citrusy notes with a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness. 



The juice has a remarkable sweet-sour taste with a slight hint of Japanese mandarin. As the fruit ripens, its acidity lessens. It is the only winter Mediterranean juce condiment citrus, along with lemon and limequat, since other limes (green lemons) mature from July to November. Notably, it often features a small protruding nipple at its base, adding to its distinctive appearance.


Available November to Febuary.


Pursha Lime essential oil (Citrus limetta)

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