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We proudly extract our Shikuwasai essential oil from green fruits grown in Amaraleja, Alentejo. Originally from Okinawa, Japan, Shikuwasa is a citrus fruit cultivated in the Ryūkyū Islands (Okinawa Prefecture), Taiwan, and Guam. We extract the essential oil from a specially aromatic common cultivar, not from selections known as Kugani. Extraction takes place before maturity (orange), which means that our EO is not comparable with that extracted in Japan from waste juice.


The essential oil of Shikuwasa is truly extraordinary, with a distinct mandarin lime aroma. The fruit and leaf are especially rich in interesting polymethoxyflavonoids. It has characteristics that evokes memories of sour candy. Its fresh and green profile creates a complex aroma enriched with hints of coriander.


While Shikuwasai shares genetic similarities with Sudachi, it possesses a completely unique character. It is known for being juicier and exceptionally delicious, adding to its allure and appeal. 


Experience the unmatched qualities of Shikuwasa essential oil and indulge in its delightful aroma.





Freshly harvested Shikuwasa fruits during the peak months of October and November. These fruits are known for their abundant juice content and vibrant green color. They are specifically cultivated for juice extraction or the creation of fruit puree, which can be utilized as an arthritis poultice.


Upon delivery, you also have the option to freeze the shikuwasa fruits for future use.


Available from September to November.

Shikuwasa essential oil (Citrus depressa)

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