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We extract our Sudachi essential oil from green, immature Sudachi as is traditionally done in its native region of Tokushima, Japan. The distinctiveness of its fragrance and the richness of its composition are directly tied to its level of maturity.


Although the yield of essential oil from green fruit is low, its antioxidant and flavor contents are at their peak. The essential oil of Sudachi is truly remarkable, with a spicy character reminiscent of Sichuan pepper. It is known to contain aldehydes of cumin and dill ether, as well as quercuslactones, lending it a complex aroma that includes notes of pine mushrooms.


Though genetically similar to Shikuwasa, Sudachi has a completely unique character.  Most importantly, it contains sudachitin, an extremely powerful antioxidant.



You can use every part of this remarkable fruit - the zest, juice, and finely sliced whole fruit - to bring you a unique and flavorful experience.


The finely grated zest, used as a condiment, adds a burst of flavor to your dishes. Sprinkle it over raw or marinated vegetables like zucchini, turnips, carrots or cabbage. Or you can incorporate it into gazpacho for a refreshing twist. 


The juice of green Sudachi is a magnificent source of a sophisticated acidity. Use it to create a delightful ponzu sauce by combining 50% Sudachi juice with 50% soy sauce. Drizzle a bit of this tangy goodness over scallops or grilled fish to elevate their flavors. For a unique twist, add a touch of Sudachi juice to chilled melon for an exquisite taste sensation.


The finely sliced fruit can be used in various beverages. You can also julienne the whole fruit and toss it into spaghetti, Sudachi duxelles in mayonnaise for a delightful twist on the classic devilled egg.


Fruit available July to October.

Sudachi essential oil (Citrus sudachi)

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