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Discover the remarkable and vivid fragrance of our Yuzu essential oil, capturing the essence of this radiant yellow citrus. Unlike its tart counterparts, our Yuzu oil offers a beautiful and delicately floral aroma, setting it apart from the tangy zestiness typically associated with citrus.

Unveiling a captivating paper-like florality, our Yuzu essential oil reveals a deep and rich scent, characterized by multiple layers of balanced and seductive notes.


Harmonized by a tropical quality that avoids excessive sweetness, this complex aroma creates a truly unforgettable experience.

Explore the captivating allure of our Yuzu essential oil and indulge in its enchanting blend of vibrant citrus and soft floral roundness. Elevate your senses with this extraordinary fragrance today.



A versatile ingredient that elevates a wide range of dishes. With its vibrant citrus flavor and fragrant zest, yuzu adds a uniquely Japanese flair to your culinary creations.

Enhance dressings, sauces, and marinades with a burst of freshness by squeezing the juice of mature yuzu. The fragrant zest of yuzu is highly prized, imparting a delightful accent to seafood, desserts, and more.


Try Yuzu butter, crafted with care using semi-salted butter from the Azores. Gently crush the butter with your fingertips and infuse it with finely grated yuzu zest, infusing it with a burst of fragrant citrus essence. Cut the butter into small cubes, allowing the zest to meld harmoniously with the rich creaminess.


Whether tossed with pasta, paired with Jura-style chicken, or incorporated into traditional Japanese recipes, Yuzu butter beautifully complements a wide array of fish dishes, including Saint Pierre, Saint-Jacques, clams, John Dory, oysters (cooked or raw), cod, langoustine, monkfish, and pollack.


Fruit available from October to December. 

Yuzu essential oil (Citrus junos)

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