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Our Buddha Hand essential oil is extracted from handpicked, fully mature fruits from our certified Global Gap trees. Our Portuguese Buddha Hands are grown in a coastal climate without extreme temperatures, ensuring high-quality oil. The firm, pithy citrus with its potent flavor and deep yellow color is concentrated, rich, and balanced, resulting in a rich and smooth scent with a mouth-watering, creamy candied floral aroma.

Our essential oil is extracted from the fingered citron, a mutated variety of the ordinary citron, and only reproduces through human intervention, making it a truly selected cultivar. We extract the oil from green or yellowing fruits to preserve the note of osmanthus, which adds to the charm of the Buddha Hand essential oil. Our oil is known for its potency and persistence, with citronellal playing a particularly significant role in its aromatic profile.

Buddha finger
buddha hand citrus

Buddha hand essential oil

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