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Pompia essential oil is derived from a complex hybrid fruit widely used in Sardinian cuisine. Although it is classified as a lemon tree hybrid (C. x Limon), it is believed to be a cross between a bigarade and a citron. Erica Cancellu, who uses this fruit to create cologne, describes its aroma as warm and enchanting, evocative of sunny Mediterranean landscapes.


The essential oil extracted from this fruit is similarly intricate and evolves over time. After a few minutes, a note of bitter clementine comes to the fore, replacing the initial aroma of cedar. Despite its complexity, this essential oil is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.



Pompia cedrat finds its place in various culinary delights, particularly in the vibrant cuisine of Sardinia. Its robust peel is frequently transformed into candied goodness, enhancing the flavors of delectable desserts, cakes, and pastries. The zest, with its aromatic allure, graces savory dishes, salads, and sauces, imparting a remarkable citrusy essence. Beyond its culinary prowess, pompia cedrat holds deep cultural significance on the island of Sardinia, where it takes center stage during festive occasions and traditional gatherings. Revered as a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and fertility, this fruit with its distinctive appearance and captivating flavor has become an irreplaceable treasure within Sardinian heritage.


Fruit available November to January. 

Pompia essential oil (Citrus medica)

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