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How to squeeze Kabosu juice

There is a new publication on "How to press Kabosu - should the cut part be held upwards ? Or down? ". It is a recurring question among lovers of acidic green citrus fruits. Should the juice flow over the peel and accumulate some of the essential oils from the peel, or not ?

The author carried out a test between

A : juice that has flowed onto the skin (cut part at the top) which obtains the majority of preferences 11 votes for


B : juice that has not flowed over the peel (cut part towards the bottom) 4 votes for .

Assessment of the panel:

A: sweet taste, strong, suitable for making sweets

B: (minority ) acidity, refreshing, pairing with alcohol, suitable for fish dishes

, easy to use as a seasoning.

The author concluded “ This means that there is no right way to squeeze the juice, the right answer is to change the way you squeeze the juice depending on the desired goal.”

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