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The Unthinkables: Hyuganatsu essential oil

This is a mysterious citrus fruit. It exists in many different shapes, from spherical to pear-shaped, cultivated in southern Japan, it also goes by many different names names: Hyuganatsu, Konatsu, Konatsu de Tosa.

Citrus tamurana, the Hyuganatsu, is a beautiful late fruit. It is eaten peeled and also good for its juice.

According to this study the juice prevents osteoporosis.

Hyuganatsu essential oil has the specificity of having the highest content of beta-Farnesene (woody note, rosewood) among citrus fruits. And also the very typical higher L-carvone content (cumin, mint note).

This makes an amazing essential oil. The Japanese describe it as fresh and sweet, fresh and exhilarating.

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