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Shikuwasa essential oil

Yonathan Asikin et al. - Oku, Wada, etc. published in 2016 an important paper on the evolution of the composition of shikuwasa (C. depressa) EO from the green stage (October) to the yellow stage (December), showing an important evolution.

They have just published a sequel; where they explain that they use HE extracted from juice-pressing waste (December, ripe fruit) because it is the only source available. This is the case with almost all citrus essential oils (except for bigarades), they are by-products, this is also the case with yuzu, orange and lemon. They extract from the remains of pulp, skin, etc. from the juice press.

We will continue our research: priority to the nose.

In contrast, they focus on health in their latest paper.

They show that the 2 dominant aromatic compounds, limonene 57% and g-terpinene 24%, improve the attention and concentration of human panelists (fewer errors) and (reduction of this beta band in the occipital lobe) reduce the stress of working in front of screens.

This should interest our perfumers. We can easily imagine a "First meeting" perfume, with shikuwasa EO, no stress, no mistakes.

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