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The Unthinkables: Naoshichi essential oil

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Our Naoshichi essential oil is extracted in a short cycle with no solvents, the most sustainable method, saving water and energy, but above all that results in an oil that is as close as possible to the fruit. Very different from hydrodistillation. Naoshichi is an early citrus fruit that requires hot summers, there are very small plantations in Kochi.

Naoshichi is especially rich in γ-terpinene (gamma-terpinene) which is a powerful natural plant antioxidant and in β-myrcene, hence a pleasant scent between caraway and angelica,;2-J a specificity that it only shares with Sumikan essential oil (equally rare).

Its depurative effects on environmental pollutants have been demonstrated in animal experiments.

In kochi it is described as a powerful anti-stress (anti-anxiety, relaxing, anti-depressive, anti-insomnia).

We'll describe it as a light fresh breez of discovery and surprise, as if you were in the long market of Kochi with all the small horticulturists with incredible citrus fruit.

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