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Uses of yuzu essential oil in perfumery

Interesting post from the Perfume Society on Yuzu Essential oil use in perfumes.

The grapefruity and green description is worth looking into. The pedigree: mangshanyeju wild mandarin (unhybridized wild species that diverged from mandarins 1.5 million years ago) with pollen from Ichang papeda (C. ichangensis) another unhybridized ancestral species.

Yuzu is a unique fruit see YZN fig 8 C

The Yuzu has no grapefruit ancestors. Is it because of its unique pedigree that Yuzu EO prolongs the life of other citrus notes, whose delicious freshness doesn't tend to linger long... This observation. This remark is also valuable for gin because citrus-based gins also have a sort shelf life. An important market in perspective for yuzu essential oil.

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