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We pride ourselves on honoring traditional methods to extract the highest quality sudachi essential oil from immature green fruit, just as it is done in its native region of Tokushima.


The unique aroma and complex composition of our sudachi essential oil are directly influenced by the level of maturity of the fruit we use. Although the yield of essential oil from green fruit may be lower, the antioxidant and flavor contents are at their peak, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the most potent and fragrant sudachi essential oil available.


Our sudachi essential oil is truly exceptional, with a spicy character reminiscent of Sichuan pepper. It contains aldehydes of cumin and dill ether, as well as quercuslactones, which combine to create a complex aroma with notes of pine and mushrooms. Our customers rave about the unique and delightful fragrance of our sudachi essential oil, which is sure to please anyone who appreciates high-quality, natural scents. So why not try it for yourself and experience the distinctive aroma of sudachi essential oil?


Sudachi essential oil

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