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Timor pomelo (Citrus maxima)


Timor Pomelo is one of the most astonishing citrus, every part of the plant is rich in fragrance, from its thick leaves, chubby flowers and large textured fruit. We extract our Timor Pomelo essential oil from the peel. It can be used it in your bath the way the Japanese do. There is also a lot of research on its favorable effects, for example in these studies against neurodegeneration aging and pharmacological uses.

The aroma of the Timor Pomelo essential oil is bold, with complex earthy undertones, offering a dense and substantial flavor profile. Unlike many citrus, with lighter, zestier nuances, this oil has a unique richness and depth.


Timor is the name that appears in the INRAE-CIRAD catalog but we do not really know very much about this beautiful and pure pomelo (Citrus maxima), neither where it comes from nor with which cultivated variety it can be compared. The pulp is not particularly good to eat.

There are no pure Chinese pomelos being cultivated in the western world, so fortunately we grow Timor, Cayenne Chadek, Pink and Tahiti. These are true pomelos in the genetic sense. There is no intro-gression of mandarin or orange.


Timor is a pure pomelo. The only intro-gression reported (from the citron tree C. medica), is negligible, its essential oil is also pure pomelo. Irresistible.


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