Essence of Yuzu

Our Essence of Yuzu is a clear liquid with a low viscosity. Extracted from our hand harvested fully mature yellow yuzu from certified Global Gap trees. 


The fragrance of our Yuzu essence is a remarkably vivid scent, an almost holographic representation of these beaming yellow citruses. Not in the slightest tart, there is a beautiful and soft floral roundness to the fragrance, very different to the common fresh zestiness we associate with typical citrus. 


There is an almost paper-like florality, a deep and rich scent, multi layered, balanced, seductive, harmonized by a tropical quality that is not overly sweet. This is a complex aroma with an impressive longevity.  

Essence of Yuzu

Essential oil extracted from fresh fully mature yuzu

(100% fruit peel from trees certified by  GlobalGAP)



35€ 10 ml.

Sold by 250 ml. : 875 €