Essential Citrus 

Close-up of a wet citrus fruit on a tree

We extract citrus essential oils using a sustainable and virtually carbon free method with plant material harvested at perfect maturity.  

Citrus brought us together. Essential oils let us share our passion.

Pure awe of citrus: the scent of the flowers, a crumpled leaf, the perfume and beauty of the fruit.


Natsu dai dai, Yuzu, Kaffir lime, Hirado bhuntan, Buddha hand cedrat, Bergamot, Kabuchi, Ovale de Sorrento, Granito bitter orange, Konatsu, Tahiti green pomelo...

We grow them. We know them well.

To capture our enchantment and share it, we produce essential oils.

Citrus farmers

We are a group of European citrus enthusiasts.

Our expertise is in the acclimatisation and cultivation of citrus from around the world and the extraction of their essential oils using the most sustainable method.

Fresh = Quality


The quality of our citrus essential oils is determined by the freshness of our fruit, leaves or flowers and by our eco-responsible extraction technique. Our essential oils are extracted exclusively at the harvest site, without delay and from our own trees in certified production.

Rare citrus

Our essential oils are produced in limited series based on rare and carefully selected citrus.

They are sold exclusively to professionals and wholesalers.

A spectrographic analysis is carried out. Samples on request.

SFME method

We use Solvent Free Microwave extraction (SFME)

to produce essential oils true to those naturally present in the plant. It is an advanced, innovative and ecologically sustainable technology: economical in water and energy, it uses no chemical solvents and generates no non-compostable waste. 

Essential oil extracted from kaffir lime peel.

(100% fruit peel from trees certified GlobalGAP)


Petitgrain extracted from fresh kaffir lime leaves.

Certified GlobalGAP.


Essential oil extracted from ripe yuzu.

(100% fruit peel from trees certified  GlobalGAP)



Essential oil extracted from fresh Pomelo peel.

Essential oil extracted from green yuzu peel.

Essential oil extracted from ripe Buddha hand peel.