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Essential Citrus 

Close-up of a wet citrus fruit on a tree

We extract high grade citrus essential oils using a sustainable and virtually carbon free method with plant material harvested at perfect maturity.  

Citrus brought us together. Essential oils let us share our passion.

The scent of the blossoms, or a crumpled leaf, the perfume and beauty of the fruit, they are a whole universe of discoveries.

essential oil

Natsu dai dai, Yuzu, Kaffir lime, Hirado buntan, Buddha hand cedrat, Bergamot, Kabosu, Ovale de Sorrento, Granito bitter orange, Konatsu, Tahiti green pomelo...

We grow them. We know them well.

To share our passion for citrus and its captivating aromas, we produce eco-responsible essential oils using innovative extraction technology (SFME) .

Citrus farmers

We are a group of European citrus enthusiasts. We specialize in cultivating and acclimatizing a wide variety of citrus from different parts of the world. Our focus is on extracting high-quality essential oils using sustainable methods that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Fresh = Quality

Our citrus essential oils are of the highest quality, thanks to our commitment to using only the freshest fruit, leaves, and flowers, as well as our eco-responsible extraction technique. We extract our oils exclusively at the harvest site, from our own certified  trees, without delay.

SFME method

Our essential oils are extracted using Solvent Free targeted Micro-fracturing Extraction (SFME), a cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable technology. This innovative method produces essential oils that are true to the natural essence of the plant, without the use of any chemical solvents. Our SFME process is highly efficient, utilizing minimal water and energy, and producing 100% compostable waste.


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