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Green Buddha Hand Essential Oil

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Southern China, is the country of origin of the Buddha Hand Citron, where it is widely grown more so than the non-fingered Citron, which is considered there to be a cheap substitute

1. Fingered citron = Hand of Buddha (Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylis - 佛手柑 Fóshǒu ) has for primary use medical applications in the context of traditional medicine. Its secondary use is as a decorative and ritual plant, and finally it is also used in cooking.

2. The immature fruit is used because as demonstrated by Zhen Wu et al. ripening greatly modifies the content of the essential oil which is confirmed by genomics.

3. It becomes poorer in antioxidants and aromatics.

4. For medicinal uses, immature or intermediate fruits are dried. Zhen Wu shows that the immature stage (green fruit) is the richest, but its flavor is much less marked reseda than the ripe or semi-ripe fruit. The EO of immature fruit is preferred for the digestive sphere and intestinal microbiota Xingqian Ye.

5.In the context of traditional Chinese medicine we can offer an essential oil of green Buddha Hand.

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