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Citrus medica di Salo


This variety of Citron essential oil is derived from the Citron Di Salo, a citrus cultivated in the province of Cosenza as well as in Liguria, where it is used to produce Salò liqueur -and in the Alentejo.

The composition of this citron is particularly rich, containing even more polyphenols than bergamots and exhibiting exceptional antioxidant properties. Its scent is reminiscent of Buddha hand and clementine, with a subtle and pleasant aftertaste. As a result, it yields a delicate essential oil that is highly prized.


The Citron Di Salo is known for its large size and rough, thick, and bumpy yellow skin. It has a unique shape, resembling a large, lumpy lemon. The flesh of the fruit is pale yellow, firm, and juicy. Unlike other citrus fruits, the Citron Di Salo is less acidic, and its taste is mild and slightly sweet.

This citrus fruit has been traditionally used in various culinary preparations and regional specialties. Its aromatic zest and subtle flavor make it a prized ingredient in baking, preserves, marmalades, and liqueurs. The rind of Citron Di Salo is also often candied and used as a decorative element in desserts and confectionery.

The popularity of Citron Di Salo extends beyond the regions of Cosenza and Liguria. It has gained recognition among culinary enthusiasts and chefs who appreciate its unique qualities. Efforts are being made to preserve and promote this citrus variety, ensuring its continued cultivation and availability for future generations to enjoy.

Fruit available from December to January


Citron di Salo

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