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Our grapefruit essential oil comes directly from the fruit from our trees and is immediately extracted from the fresh peel, not from crushed fruit. It is a mixture of approximately 50% Duncan, white and 50% Ruby Star, red grapefruits. The scent is very bright and refreshing, it has a tangy crisp, clean finish with an underlying sweetness, akin to savoring the juiciest grapefruit at its peak ripeness in the orchards.

The main constituents of grapefruit essential oil are well known, limonene (90%), β-myrcene (3%) and nootkatone (2%) but also β-pinene (13.3%), sabinene (2.2%) and α-pinene (2.1%). A Tunisian publication (2023) showed that it is one of the most powerful (in vitro) as antibacterial, antifungal and anticoagulant (greater than the activated partial thromboplastin time obtained with heparin! )

And is cited against candidate alibicans which confirmed the Mexican works (2020).

To the extent that  nano-emulsions are being made for antioxidant and antimicrobial use (2023)

At the beginning of 2024, another academic publication showing the interest of the EO of the Foster cultivar (old white variety from Florida) provides anti-glucosidase, anti-amylase and anti-tyrosinase activities, “making it a potent candidate for nutraceuticals and skin care products,” the authors write.


Grapefruits get their name from the way they grow. The fruit grows in bunches - just like grapes !

This citrus fruit is typically North American – big, beautiful and with lots of juice. Grapefruits are generally used for juice which generates a lot of waste that is then used to extract your everyday essential oils. Our extractions come only from the zest and not from crushed fruit.

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