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Bitter Orange ‘Fondazione’ is an Italian cultivar of bitter orange. It is not aggressively bitter, it is remarkably sweet, making for a rounded essential oil. The tree is also very floriferous and the scent of its flowers in spring is amazing. 

It has been chosen by gin producers, as well as chefs. In Andalusia and the Algarve bitter orange juice and zest are used in dishes that are rich in garlic and olive oil. Las cachorrenas (garlic, paprika and bitter orange soup with bread) and the Algarve tiborna (same thing but with freshly baked bread and without paprika) both are also made with cod. Bitter orange does an excellent job in these recipes, it covers the spiciness of the garlic and its fresh airy note is an antithesis to the fat of the olive oil. The zest is cooked in the broth, the bitter orange flavor is present and welcome. These preparations must be consumed within the hour because the perfume is volatile. Bitter orange "fondazione" essential oil of due to its flexibility can be used a few minutes before serving.


It is generally harvested  just before complete maturity in December.


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